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Cole Clark Mistress


A forgotten and under appreciated Australian classic.

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Boomer Amps


Some beautiful looking Australian made amps and cabs. Gareth tells his story and how you can help make his project pozible.

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Damn you Brush Script!


An open letter to guitar makers across the world. For the love of all that is rock’n roll. Please stop this madness…

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Guitarnerd Junior’s Axe Of Dooooom


With a six month old bub ruling guitarnerd HQ, this is the axe of choice.

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Is this it?

So what does a guitarnerd do when you think you’ve found your perfect guitar?

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1946 Fender Model 26 “Woody”

A scarily rare Fender ‘Woody’ amp… actually, probably one of the oldest Fender amps in existence.

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My $50 Mike Matthews/ETI amp

What can you buy for $50 these days? Not much, eh? Well if you’re a guitarnerd like me, you can buy one of these beauties.

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guitarnerd shirts… coming soon!

That’s right! Straight off the computer screen and onto your chestal area!

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Peavey Special 130 – Solo Series

My vintage Peavey bug is getting worse… but this amp kicks all sorts of ass. Honest.

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I <3 The Hot Snakes

OK, this happened a while ago (5 years) but it’s literally the greatest musical experience I’ve ever had so I thought I’d share it. Continue reading…

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