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Maton George Golla GG22A


My self imposed rule of cutting down on my Maton ‘habit’ has failed…. dismally.

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1968 Maton Wedgtail Series 1


Well this is it. The guitarnerd story of the year… I’ve got a GODDAMN SERIES 1 MATON WEDGTAIL!

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1964 Maton Fyrbyrd ‘non sharkbite’


Finally! A relatively non-molested non-sharkbite Fyrbyrd has dropped into my little hands.

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Spinning Room’s Maton Big Ben


Yes! After years about writing about them… I’ve finally seen one in the wild.

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Maton Fyrbyrd Custom


My Fyrbyrd Custom is now finished!

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Maton Wedgtail & El Toro

Some rarer than rockinghorse sh!t Matons… story by Michael.

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Ian’s Flaminbyrd II


A long lost Maton prototype? No! Another creation by Ian.

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Maton Fyrbyrd Custom


A unique Fyrbyrd/Phil Manning Std hybrid.

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Maton ‘Black Flamingo’ Custom


It’s finished. My hot rodded 1960′s Maton Flamingo Series 2.

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Maton Deluxe (Jazzmaster)

A rare precursor to the modern Mastersound reissue… the Maton ‘Deluxe’.

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