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Hi everyone. Hope you had a great Christmas & New Years. I’ve been on holiday for a few weeks, chilling, watching Columbo on TV1, playing guitar and just when I was about to kick start guitarnerd for 2011, my home town of Brisbane got punished by some massive floods. It was a scary couple of days, but luckily my house was ok. A lot of damage was done to the surrounding areas and the city itself though. I’ll get stuck back into guitarnerd asap. Stay tuned.

Cheers – Tony

About guitarnerd.com.au


Hi, my name is Tony. I’m a graphic designer by trade and also play bass in Brisbane band Sixfthick and guitar in Horrortones & Battlecat… and I’m a guitarnerd.

guitarnerd.com.au is a site that delves into the nerdom of guitars and why people like us are obsessed with them. Every guitar has a story and with this blog I try to uncover them.

If you are someone who can’t walk past a pawn brokers without breaking into a cold sweat and looking inside just in case there’s a rare vintage guitar that the owner has seriously under priced, then this site is for you.

Feel free to contact me at tony@guitarnerd.com.au with stories of your own axes and I’ll try and include them here.

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